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PFA is a high quality and high purity melt-processable fluoroplastics entirely fluorinated.

Other materials

Other fluoropolymers, with different characteristics and performances, are able to guarantee high performance and quality to our technical solutions.
The following may suit your technical needs:

Fluoropolymers Chemical Resistance

All Fluoropolymers, and especially PTFE, have excellent chemical properties.
The chemical resistance is nearly overall with only few limitations, which can be summarized as follow:

Fluorinated Hydrocarbons Swelling (reversible after short-term exposure, not reversible after long term exposure)
Alkali metals, in solution or molten state Fluorine elimination/Polymer destruction
Halogens, Elementar Fluorine, Chlorine-Trifluoride At very high temperatures possible chemical reaction with polymer destruction (possible explosion)
Monomers: Styrene, Butadiene and Acrylonitrile Possible penetration / Spontaneous polymerization may destroy the polymer
High energy radiation Gamma radiation: physical properties can be reduced by approx. 50% already with 10kGy dosage
Nitrating acid: mixture of concentrations H2SO4 and HNO3 At high temperatures (>100°C) possible decomposition of the fluoropolymer
PFA excels in all the properties and characteristics offered by both PTFE and FEP.

Range of working temperatures

from -70°C (-95°F) to 260°C (500°F)

Longer and improved flex-life

High clarity and excellent UV Rays resistance

Lower gas and vapour permeability

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