AWG Linear Tubing in PTFE

AWG Linear Tubing in PTFE are part of our range of products that can be used in low pressure applications.


AWG Linear Tubing in PTFE

AWG Linear Tubing (American Wire Gauge) in PTFE stand out in three different types:
AWG ST – standard wall thickness
AWG TT – thin wall thickness
AWG UTT – ultrathin wall thickness

Coloured versions of AWG Linear Tubing in PTFE are available on demand.
Dimensions according to AMS 3653, 54 and 55.



AWG (American Wire Gauge) Linear Tubing in PTFE (Spaghetti) are produced with first choice materials selected to guarantee the best performance in electronic applications, mostly thanks to PTFE high temperatures’ resistance and excellent dielectric properties.


Material: Polytetrafluoroethylene/PTFE

The streight of the carbon-fluorine bond and the high atomic weight give PTFE exceptional and unique properties and characteristics.

First of all temperatures resistance: PTFE can work in continuous both in high temperature applications up to 260°C (500°F) and in applications at low temperatures up to -70°C (-94°F), without loss of physical properties.

In addition to the remarkable thermal stability, PTFE has an almost absolute chemical resistance.
PTFE almost total chemical inertia can be attacked only by a few chemicals and only under certain conditions of high temperature and pressure.

PTFE also offers the following properties and characteristics, so far have not found in any other plastic material:

Longer flex-life Excellent dielectric characteristics
UV Rays resistance Aging resistance
Weather resistance Any hygroscopicity
Non-toxic and suitable for food contact Self-lubricating and non-sticking
Non-inflammable Good resistance to fatigue and shocks






The AWG Linear Tubing in PTFE are used in the following industrial sectors:

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